Z+P valves are produced and used successfully since 1976 in all over the world.


Our production started with control valves which is very specific type of valves.

After gaining extensive experience, our spectrum of products was extended to cover all types of valves.

You will find here brief and general information about our range of valves.





Fields of application





Our valves find application in following sectors:


- energy

- environment protection

- power plants

- chemical plants

- petrochemical plants

- mining industry

- iron and steel works

- water resources technology

- and many others where a reliable valve is needed.



Type of valves    
The product spectrum of Z+P valves includes following types of valves;                                                               


- control

- gate
- ball
- globe
- butterfly
- check
- safety
- shut-off
- special design






The valves are for almost all media, like:


- water including sea water

- fuels and oils

- air, natural and other industrial gases

- cryogen

- liquid chemicals



Operating Data

Medium temperature 0 up to 545 °C
Ambient temperature -15 up to +60 °C
Pressure up to 250 bars (3500 psig)
Size 10 up to 3000 mm dia.

pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical 

Control medium     compressed air, oil, own media
Mounting position any
Control voltage 24 VDC or any usual AC voltage, 50/60 Hz                     






Since every valve in industrial applications must be carefully selected and designed, please state in your inquiry as much information as possible about the working conditions. This will help our experts to see your specific need better and offer best possible valve.




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Environmental Protection




Thermal Processes



Gas Systems




Valve catalogue


  Safety Shut-off Devices
for Liquid Fuels


  Safety Shut-off Devices
for Gaseous Fuels

  Safety Quick-closing and Control Valve Devices
for Gas Turbines

  Slag Catcher Systems for Pipelines




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