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Zanni+Partner Ltd.´s gas stations can be designed and manufactured as HP and LP Gas Pressure Reducing & Metering Stations. The atural gas is transported normally by means of pipelines under the pressure of 70 to 80 bar. The end-user of the gas needs it generally at a lower pressure. To reduce the pressure an HP Reducing Station is required to reduce the gas pressure, for example, down to about 20 bar for the gas turbine applications. For most of the other applications, an HP Reducing Station is required as a first stage pressure reducing station followed by an LP station to reduce the gas pressure according to the requirements of the end-user, mostly down to less than 4 bar.

A typical gas reducing station is consisting of emergency shut-off device (ESD), condensate knock-out drum, filter station, flow measuring, heater, line safety shut-off valve(s), pressure reducing valve, silencer, pressure relief valve(s), outlet section, instrumentation and control system. As auxiliaries it has condensate collecting  facility, N2-purging facility, flare and venting facilities. According to application, some of above facilities may not be needed.

Filtering to clean the gas from impurities and liquid droplets is important generally but it is very important for industrial plants since they are using a huge amount of gas. Therefore, our gas systems include every time a reliable filtering system that guarantees a cleaning of impurities up to 99,5%.

We have designed and installed several High Pressure and Low Pressure Reducing Stations according to International and German standards around the world.




A typical gas reducing station is consisting of following:


and it has following auxiliaries:

  • emergency shut-off device (ESD)

  • condensate knock-out drum

  • filter station

  • flow measuring

  • heater

  • line safety shut-off valve(s)

  • pressure reducing valve

  • silencer

  • pressure relief valve(s)


  •  outlet section

  • instrumentation

  • control system

  • condensate collecting facility

  • N2-purging facility

  • flare

  • Venting facilities....


Gas systems are designed, manufactured and put into operation under control of engineers certified and authorized by DVGW by following the rules of the association strictly.


The DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) stands for the industry self-regulation in the gas and water supply industry. Its technical rules are the basis for safety and reliability for German and European gas and water supply.



Our services
The services we are supplying for gas systems are:

  • project management
  • engineering; full or partial
  • equipment supply
  • supervising of erection
  • commissioning

After Sales Service and Spare Parts


As after sales service we do not only offer all kind of spare parts, but also customer support and maintenance of your plant.

We help you to find the best solution for you.
Do not hesitate to contact us!



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