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We are working on a licensing model for our plant technology.
Of course, the topic of documentation for the traceability of valid and thus authorized licenses is a major issue.
Tracking unauthorized duplications and copies is only possible if licenses are documented in a forgery-proof manner.
Here we deal with a solution based on cryptotechnology.

The Internet plays a central role in this.
Everybody knows terms like the "internet of things" by now.
But what is hidden behind it and what it stands for is still unknown to many.

In principle it is about transactions and essentially about the transaction processing.
Transactions are not only payments but also documentation that can be stored in zero value transactions.
The really interesting thing is the manipulation security.

We are a company that is committed to environmental protection.
That means a solution can only look environmentally friendly.
To achieve this goal, only cryptotechnology remains usable for us.
As we already communicated in advance, Iota (Iota wiki) is a real issue for us.

Iota, with its currency Miota, is a third generation cryptotechnology and its name already stands for the "internet of things".
The really exciting and unique thing about iota is that it is not based on a block chain but on a tangle network and therefore does not need a miner.

This in turn means that transactions can be processed quickly without high computational effort or possible costs for the user.

In addition, it offers better scalability than conventional block-chain-based crypto currencies, which do not really represent technical progress.
They are also restricted in their transactions, which is not the case with Iota.
The more transactions take place, the more secure and better the Iota network will become.

This has convinced us and therefore we think to use these possibilities in the future.

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