The ZANNI GROUP has been active worldwide since 1994.

Over the decades, the GROUP has acquired a broad technical KNOW-HOW, which today flows into the development of modern combustion systems, among other things.

Climate changeenvironmental damages caused by all kind of waste, germs, bacteria and viruses demand holistic biological and technical solutions.

Our modern waste incineration plants are an important part against these global problems.

Our business units Incineration,  Environmental Protection and Consulting complement each other and enable us to find holistic solutions.

We offer excellent products that meet high quality standards.

Our employees and freelancers have all the necessary skills and qualifications to implement our quality principles and create sustainable added value for our customers with our corporate philosophy.

Our client portfolio ranges from international companies to governmental organizations.

Our core business


Environmental protection

Incineration technology

Gas & Water solutions

Top issues

Inferior alternative fuels, slaglike substances and sewage sludge can be incinerated with our grate system with a significantly higher efficiency

How is this possible?

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Combustion grate solution for existing plants that are prone to failure

Improve the reliability, performance and environmental friendliness of your plant!

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Price and less maintenance efforts are a big advantage of the ZANNI combustion grate

For sludge incineration, like oily sludge and sewage sludge and suitable for all types of waste, such as municipally waste, clinical waste, contaminated materials, other hazardeous solid waste.

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