Oil Mist Eliminators (OME)


Our coalescing filter oil demisters satisfy most standards fixed by governments for different types of installation (power generation, air conditioning, industrial production, ...) They also reduce the clogging up of diesel engine air filters by their steam-retaining action.


Standard flow: from 60 to 2000 m3/h, or according to requirements. Separation efficiency: 99.6 % (analysed by French C.E.R.M. laboratory on aerosols constituted of 80 to 90% of particles measuring around 0.2 micron).

Configuration data

  • Characteristics of mixture: air or gas, oil or other liquid, flow rate (Nm3/h)
  • If possible: concentration of oil or other liquid (g/Nm3), other constraints: by-pass, negative pressure at suction with or without regulation, measuring instruments (manometer, pressure transmitter, pressure switch,....), redundant filtration and/or ventilation... Distribution of liquid form: aerosol/steam (mass rate), for the aerosol form: average size or distribution of particle sizes.

Oil Mist Eliminators (OME)


High technology in the field of power generation (gas turbines/generators):
An Oil Mist Eliminator with high density glass-fibre coalescing cartridges. Since then this technology has been developed for use in many other fields. Its main advantage: 99.6 % of efficiency, even on aerosols mainly constituted of particles of around 0.2 microns.


Produce following specific standards and specifications (CODAP, ASME, DESP97/23CE, ...).
Many options: instrumentation, by-pass valves, regulator valves, flange outlets or weatherproof elbow outlets with droplet retainer, ...


Oil sump ventilation (Gas turbines, Generators, Steam turbines, Compressors, Internal combustion engines), Plant machinery, Vacuum pump exhausts, Compressors/Refrigerators, ...


The services we are supplying for all kind of OME are

  • engineering and manufacturing on demand
  • equipment supply
  • supervising of erection
  • commissioning 

Oil Mist Eliminators (OME)

After Sales Service

for OME Spare parts and consumables:

Coalescing cartridge type "486"

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 Oil Mist Eliminators (OME)

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