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Incineration is an important procedure for waste treatment.

The critical waste will be burnt in a sterile incineration process and the amount of waste will be reduced that must go to waste landfills.

Especially in the field of clinical waste the mobile incineration is an active instrument of and for disease control.

Basically there are no alternatives to modern incineration, because since 1 June 2005, the landfilling of untreated waste will be banned in Germany (acc. to TA Municipality Waste), in the European Union (EU) and in many other countries worldwide. Waste may only go to a waste landfill as slag after its combustion. This reduces the need of landfill space, which is scarce and expensive, since the combustion residues need essentially less space.

Furthermore, during biodegradation processes of the untreated waste in the landfilling site, pollutants will be produced that burden the groundwater, the soil and the surrounding air of the landfill site.

Today, slag and combustion residues of a modern incinerator have a rest part of less than 3% carbon and usually they reduce the volume of garbage by 90 - 95%.

Also, the allowable percentage of biodegradable components in landfills has been limited to 3% maximum by the EU Directive 1999/31/EC, to protect the environment.

Therefore, incineration of waste is in the EU Member States and many other countries worldwide a necessity to protect the environment.

Environmental protection is not a local, it is a global interest !

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